Kathy Grahl — Author

Hey, there! My name is Kathy Grahl, the author of the upcoming young adult, fiction fantasy novel, The Curse.

Yeh, you've been reading that for a few years, haven't you? Currently, it's 27 July 2021, and I will tell you, I'm editing Act 3 of the book. It's coming along quite well, and I'm sorry to keep you all waiting. But I have to live life as well, and while I enjoy 8-12 hours a day of writing, there comes a time when one has to come up for air.

Samples of how I'd like the book cover to look is below.

I apologize that the writing course never happened. I'll tell you why: I got stuck comparing my inexperience to someone else's expertise. I felt like I would post a lesson, then tell you where I learned it. You would discover how great this other gal is, and that would be the end for me. So why bother, right?

You see? I'm just as human as you all. If you'd like me to post what I learn, if you'd like to learn WITH me rather than FROM me, please let me know. If there isn't a way to leave a comment here or on fb (there should be), then use the contact form, following the tab above.

I appreciate all of you. Thank you for visiting the site. Just knowing you come by is encouraging.